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Jake Richardson



"Garden Party" (Post Production - 2007) (Lead), as "Kevin"
"Clerks II" (2006) (Lead)
"Hangman's Curse" (11/12/2003), as "Ian Snyder" (Lead)
"Now You Know" (12/13/2002), as "Teddy" (Lead)
"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (2001)
"The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys" (2001), as "Wade Scalisi" (Lead)
"Ritchie Rich's Christmas Wish" (11/03/98), as "Reggie Van Dough" (Lead)
"Little Cobras" (1997), as "Derek" (Lead)
"Honey We Shrunk Ourselves" (03/18/97), as "Mitch Szalinski " (Lead)
TV Movies
"Toothless" (10/05/97), as "Jeff" (Lead)
"Problem Child III" (01/05/96), as"Blade" (Lead)
"Fudge-A-Mania" (1995), as "Peter Hatcher" (Lead)
"Criminal Minds" (2007), (Guest Star)
"Boston Legal" (2007), as "Graham" (Guest Star) in episode "Bride Wore Blood, The"
   (#3F17, 03/20/2007)
"House M.D." (2007), as "Stevie Lipa" (Guest Star) in episode "Needle in a Haystack"
   (#HOU-312, 02/06/2007)
"Bones" (2006), as "Brian Andrews" (Guest Star) in episode "Headless Witch in the
   Woods, The" (#2AKY10, 11/29/2006)
"Medium" (2006), as "Tyler Downey" (Guest Star) in episode "Raising Cain"
"Cold Case" (2006), as "Trevor Dawson" (Guest Star) in episode "Detention"
"Invasion" (2005), as "Gabe" (Series Regular)
"E.R." (2005), (Guest Star) in episode "The Human Shield" (episode #252, 11/10/2005)
"Monk" (2003), as "Dwayne" (Guest Star) in episode "Mr. Monk and the Sleeping
"Boston Public" (2002), as "Joe Coolidge" (Guest Star) in episode "Chapter Fifty-One &
"Touched By An Angel" (2003), as "JZ" (Lead) in episode "The Show Must Not Go On"
"Homeward Bound" (2002 - Pilot), as "Alex Ashton" (Lead)
"NYPD Blue" (2002), as "Travis" (Guest Star) in episode "A Little Dad'll Do Ya" (episode
   #9.16, 3/19/2002)
"Seventh Heaven" (1998), as "Johnny" (Guest Lead) in episode "Johnny Get Your
   Gun" (episode # 3.7, 11/9/1998)
"Late Bloomer" (Pilot - 1997), as "Dante" (Series Regular)
"C16", (Guest Starring)
"The Breaks" (Pilot), as "Robie" (Series Regular)
"Fudge" (1995), as "Peter Hatcher" (Series Regular)
"The Nanny" (1995), as "Willie" (Guest Star) in episode "A Fine Friendship"
   (episode # 2.19, 2/6/1995)
Voice Over
"Recess" (1997), as "Chucko"
"Real Monsters", as "Spike"
"Regina Vacuum", as "Pig Pen"
"Psycho Ferret", as "Junior"
"Duckman", as "McGargle #2"
Special Skills & Attributes
Cry on cue
All sports including swimming, BMX, snowboarding, and skiing, skateboarding,
  aggressive inline skating, ice skating, hockey, hiking, Take Kwon Do (Camo Belt)

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