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Guides to help get your acting career started.

 One of the most requested items from the people who visit KidActors is how to get kids in the acting
 business.  Since KidActors is not directly involved with getting kids started in the business, we've
 taken the time to find some websites, guides, and people who are ready to help you.  Browse the
 sites & books below for everything you need.  If you have questions, you'll find the answers!

Looking for an agent?
If you want to find out all the right steps to take in order to become a successful actor or model, then HowToBeAStar.com can help you!  Click the logo for a glimpse of some of the helpful resources available to members.

 "It's A Freeway Out There!"
 The Parent's Guide to the Film & Commercial Business

 Judy Belshe has taken years of knowledge and experience and put it down on paper so that all
 parents and kids have the vital survival information at their fingertips.  It is a must for all families who
 are in show biz, and it is essential for families who are deciding if show biz is something that they
 want to pursue.   From Stage Mom to Manager to Agent to Acting Teacher to Actress to Casting
 Director and now to Author, Judy has seen every side of Hollywood and shares it with her readers. 
 This book can be special ordered by bookstores, or purchased on-line.

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